2016 Track Schools (aka Lapping Schools)

At this time there are no scheduled Track Schools for 2016.
Please check back after March 23rd to see if any have been added to the 2016 calendar.

Throughout the year the Atlantic Formula Racing Association (AFRA) will put on Track Schools (aka Lapping Schools) at Atlantic Motorsport Park. These sessions allow anyone to lap the track in a safe, controlled environment in their street car (no convertibles without proper rollover protection) or prepared race car without the stress of competition! In order to participate in these sessions drivers are required to have completed an ARMS approved school. To make this process easier AFRA will be providing several 'Track Schools' throughout the year. These sessions will teach you the basics of track safety and driver control to provide you with the tools required to drive at AMP during these sessions!

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that if you have no previous motorsport experience to participate in 1-6 AutoSlalom events before taking any Track School or High Performance Driving School! AutoSlalom is an entry level motorsport event that provides a stepping stone for drivers looking to move into other more competitive and possibly expensive forms of motorsport including Lapping, Track Days, Time Attacks and Road Racing. A typical AutoSlalom event costs aprox $20 per day.
AutoSlalom is where you learn to drive your car, a Track School is where you learn how to drive the track.
For a list of AutoSlalom events in your area please see the following websites:
Nova Scotia - Atlantic Sports Car Club (ASCC), Moncton NB - Moncton Motorsport Club (MMSC), Fredericton, NB - Fredericton Motorsports Club (FMC), Saint John, NB - New Brunswick Sporting Car Club (NBSCC), St.John's, NL - Vinland Motorsports Inc (VMI).

The Track Day Schools will be by pre-registration only and will be limited to 4-6 students per school, so please register soon to ensure your spot. Entry fee is $160.00 which includes the lapping card license for students who successfully complete the school.

A $100.00 deposit is required to reserve your entry.

Cost for the school $160 (includes lapping fees)

Please enter your car's Year / Make / Model / Color:
Manual or Automatic Transmission:
Please enter any car modifications:
Is your car a convertible?
Previous motorsports/driving school experience:

Are you currently a member of an ARMS Affiliated Club for 2014? (EG: AFRA, ASCC, BAC, MMSC)

If not please click here to join AFRA.

NOTE: Membership in an ARMS Affliated Club is required for the all AFRA events.

Cheques payable to AFRA can be mailed to:

Atlantic Formula Racing Association
PO Box 311 Halifax Central
Halifax NS
B3J 2N7

Deposits or full payments can also be made via PayPal to paypal@atlanticformularacing.com

Deposits must be recieved a minimum of ONE WEEK prior to the event. Deposits or payments after those dates may not guarantee a position! Refunds of deposits will not be issued after these dates.

The schools will consist of 1-2hrs of classroom time followed by a track walk. The afternoon will be spent with the instructors one on one in the car on the track. Students will also be required to man a marshal station for one lapping session with a marshal or instructor at some point during the day.

Completion of a Lapping School qualifies participants for an ARMS Lapping License allowing you access to the many Track Days (aka Lapping Days) at Atlantic Motorsport Park throughout the year. The cost of this license is included in your school entry. A Lapping License does not qualify you for Time Attack or Racing events.

There will be regular lapping in the morning. In the afternoon lapping sessions will alternate between the students and novice/experienced lappers with the possibility of  race cars and formula cars.

Those willing to assist as marshals for the school will get discounts for these Track Days.

The students will not be "mixed in" with the regular lappers until the instructor signs off on them.

Track Day Checklist:

  • -Your Helmet!!! The list of approved helmets are listed in Section 16 (Page 8) of the ASN Canada FIA Lapping Regulations. We do not have loaner helmets.


  • -Ensure you are a current member of an ARMS Club or bring a membership form. ARMS Membership Form

  • -Bring a completed Self Tech Form SoloSport Self Tech Form

  • -Bring a copy of the Lapping License Application (to be filled out by your instructor at the end of the school) License Application Form

  • -Bring plenty of fluids (water, Gatorade, etc) You will drink 2x or 3x more than you think you will even on a rainy cold day.

  • -Bring plenty of sun screen and bug repleant, you will be manning a marshal stand at some point during the day.

  • -For safety reasons please wear pants and close toed shoes (no shorts or sandals)

  • -No RED or YELLOW shirts(These can be confused as flags)

  • -Bring rain gear, even if it calls for sun all day.

  • -Please ensure you have more than 3/4 tank of gas. Nearest gas station to AMP is 15mins away, filling the tank up before leaving for AMP is best.

  • -Inflate your street tires to 40psi & bring an air tank or air pump if possible.

  • -Pack a a tarp. It is handy to cover your stuff when you empty your car. Vehicles must be empty before they go on track.

  • -Again, please bring your own lunch, and plenty of fluids (water, Gatorade, etc).... I can't stress this enough and there are no food services at AMP for the Track School.

Important Documents:

ARMS Membership Form
(If the driver is not already a member of an ARMS club for the calendar year)

SoloSport Self Tech Form
(Must be filled out by the student)

License Application Form
(To be filled out by the student and instructor at the end of the school)

ASN Canada FIA Lapping Regulations

Typical Schedule for a Track School

7:45 - Gates Open
8:00 - Students asked to arrive
8:30 - Classroom Session for students
10:00 - On Track Sessions begin and rotate with regular lapping sessions until 16:30
16:30 - End of Day Cleanup

Please note the organize reserves the right to change the schedule without notice.

We may adjust the schedule on the fly to compensate for the possibility of race sedans and formula cars.